The Oracle 9i OCA and OCP Certifications Are Being Retired – What Does That Mean to Me?

Oracle Education announced the retirement of several certification tracks on March 13, including both the OCA and OCP-level 9i database administration certifications. Release 9i has been effectively obsolete since the release of Oracle 10g in 2003, so the retirement of these tracks is due. With the retirement, none of the exams leading to either of the 9i certifications will be available after July 31, 2013. The specific exams being retired are:

  • 1Z0-007: Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL
  • 1Z0-031: Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals I
  • 1Z0-032: Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals II
  • 1Z0-033: Oracle9i Database: Performance Tuning

Oracle professionals that are pursuing the Oracle 9i DBA track have been asking what effect this retirement will have on the process of obtaining their certification. The impact of the announcement and what actions you should take depend on where you currently are in the certification process.

  • If you have your 9i OCP Certification — For people who have already passed all of the tests and submitted their hands-on training paperwork, the retirement of the 9i track means nothing at all. Oracle certifications and exam results do not expire when an exam is retired.
  • If you have completed all of the exams, but have not taken the training — Oracle will not grant the OCP certification until your training has been completed and the paperwork submitted. No training vendor is likely to offer 9i classes after the cut-off date, so you should schedule and take the required hands-on training before July 31st if you want to complete your 9i OCP.
  • If you have the 9i OCA — For candidates who have completed the OCA certification, there are two exams (1Z0-032, and 1Z0-033), plus a hands-on training course that must be taken to become an Oracle 9i OCP. Both exams must be taken before July 31st. As noted above, the training is unlikely to be available after that date either. If you want to complete your 9i OCP, there is little time to waste.
  • If you have not yet begun working toward the OCP — If you have not yet started to prepare for your Oracle DBA certification track, then I would recommend pursuing a release newer than 9i. You are likely to run out of time before completing the requirements for the 9i OCP. The 10G track will be available for a few years and the 11G track will likely be available for the next ten.

For candidates that have their 9i Associate certification, upgrading to the Professional-level has value beyond just the increased prestige. There is no upgrade path for OCA certifications. However, upgrading OCP certifications to the next release requires a single test and has no training requirement. This means that if you become an Oracle 9i Database Administrator Certified Professional, then one exam (1Z0-040) will upgrade your credentials to include Oracle 10G. A second test (1Z0-050) will upgrade your credentials to 11G. Later this year, Oracle will be releasing 12C. At that time, a test will be made available to upgrade to 12C (presumably 1Z0-060). Becoming an Oracle Certified Professional administrator and keeping your certifications current is a strong indicator that you are knowledgeable in the Oracle database and committed to keeping your skills current.

Benefits of Practice Tests – Evaluating U2Test Dot Com

Practice tests are becoming more and more popular in terms of easy and effective way of preparation. Both Free and Paid testing websites are available for this reason. The article review multiple options available to IT community to elevate their skills, especially using practice tests.

Practice Tests are gaining popularity in recent days. As more and more certifications are popping up due to enhancements in vendor products, the need of new certifications is rising to keep professionals in demand. Cisco, Microsoft, Sun and other vendors are launching new technologies resulting in increased number of certification tracks. Since all these certifications are paid one, the newbie finds it difficult to jump directly to a live test.

Practice test websites are very important as they help reduce pressure of not knowing test environment. This is true for those who never attempted any test online. The way practice tests work is almost similar to live test. Furthermore, in case of failure, the test taker will not loose any money. The reality is that they are not barred from attempting the next one as such sites are FREE.

Furthermore, those IT starters who are interested in getting certificates to increase weight of their CVs find such sites helpful in gathering some early certifications. The sites offering free online testing also offer certification. These certification sites are known as vendor neutral certification providers. Although these certificates are not that important but in competitive environment such kinds of certificates do pay back.

Since these certificates have no restriction of testing centers, the tests can also be given from your bedroom, even in open book style. The idea is just to check the readiness of individual related to selected domain. If someone needs to verify whether the person has actually cleared the test, he/she can be tested again to verify his/her claim. Its easy as there is no fee involved. — a better choice

One of the prominent site is operational for a very long time and has plenty of starter tests. will give you sense of achievement when you earn certificates.’s Certificates can be had after minimal payment; otherwise your test record will be erased after 30 days. The plus point is that the U2Test certificates can be verified online through public transcript ID.

Other testing site is, considered as the best of the lot. The site is having a larger pool of tests covering vast domains. Furthermore, has a rich collection of major testing website. The site provide comprehensive review of Practice tests and certification options available.

Job Roles and Benefits OF MCSD .NET Certification

Microsoft certified solution developer (MCSD .NET) can be said as the advanced as well as essential certification to the developers who are capable of developing as well as designing the enterprise solution with the help of Microsoft development technologies and tools as well as Microsoft .NET framework. This certification validates the skills that are required to test on building web as well as commerce applications with the help of Microsoft tools that include Microsoft component services, Microsoft visual studio .NET and Microsoft SQL services.

In order to obtain the MCSD .NET certification, candidates have to take up four examinations which are mandatory and one elective examination with choice based system.

The following are the four examinations which are mandatory and candidate’s needs to take up all the examination.

1) Exam 70-290 or maintaining and managing windows 2000 server environment

2) Exam 70-291 or implementation, managing and maintaining windows 2000 server network infrastructure

3) Exam 70-293 or maintaining and planning windows 2000 server network infrastructure

4) Exam 70-294 or maintaining, planning and implementation windows 2000 sever active directory infrastructure.

The following are the elective papers that the candidate has to select and write this elective examination from any one of the following.

1) Exam 70-229 or SQL server 2000 design

2) Exam 70-431 or SQL server 2000 implementation (MCTS).

Job roles for MCSD .NET certified candidates:

MCSD .NET successful certified candidate’s can get placed in any of these following job roles and they are:

1) Web developer

2) Software developer

3) Software engineer

4) Application developer

5) Software architect

6) Senior system analyst

7) System analysts etc…

Benefits of MCSD .NET certification:

Usually people will have an intention on what benefits are applied if a particular course is persuaded. Based on that MCSD .NET certified candidate can also be benefitted in several ways. The following are the benefits and they are:

1) In business enterprises, most widely used products are the Microsoft products and MCSD .NET certification will prove the expertise on the latest technologies of the Microsoft products.

2) Candidates who are holding their certification will be given first priority and also in promotion level criteria.

3) This certification will be very helpful to the people who are entry level certified in related technology and also to upgrade their credentials in order to get recognition from the organization.

4) Generally, MCSD .NET certified candidates are hired easily as well as quickly as soon as they complete their certification. They are paid with more salary as well.