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Law of Attraction: How to Attract Women

Many people want to know how to attract women–and luckily there are many ways; however, if you’re looking for a specific type of women, then you should consider the law of attraction.

Many people are already familiar with the concept of the law of attraction because of the movie The Secret. If not, the law of attraction is the idea that the dominant thoughts and feelings in your mind are equivalent to the reality you live. In other words, you live what you think and feel.

Now, many of the teachers of the law take this too mean that if you change your mind, the world will align with you. I take it to mean the opposite: the world doesn’t change, but if you move yourself to go with its flow, then the world will always already be working with you because you’re working with it.

Okay, a fair question is “how does this help me to learn how to attract women?” Well, in a nutshell, if you’re unable to attract women at this moment, the law would argue that something about how you think and feel (which are the grounds for–the why of–how you act in the world) is causing you to repel the things that you want. For instance, many people’s problem is that they’re just too negative and therefore, they miss out on all the opportunities around them. I used to be one of those guys, and the day I realized how many women were flirting with me was mind altering: teachers, friends, acquaintances, professional colleagues… everywhere I go, women flirt with me. And I’m not even really that cute–though apparently these women would say I’m charming.

So, how do you change this and begin to attract women to you? Well, honestly, it’s painfully simple: you need to figure out what you really want in a woman, get rid of the blocks (the negative thoughts and feelings that cause you to resist your own desires), and then to imagine yourself with the woman of your dreams. In the worldview of many law of attraction practitioners, this will alleviate the gap between you and the universe, so you can manifest your desires; however, the skeptic in me thinks that your behavior before wasn’t very attractive to women and many of the things you did stopped you from talking or flirting with a lot of them (which you really need to do to get dates)–and that if you change that, well, then you’ll change your life because you’ll have actually become more attractive to women… and I don’t know about you, but I really can’t think of a better way to attract women that just becoming sexier…